What to do and see in the Haida Gwaii

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Here are a couple of sample itineraries for your visit to the Haida Gwaii:

Four Days

  • Day One: Arrive Sandspit Airport , spend your first night in Sandpsit or in the Village of Queen Charlotte.
  • Day Two: Take a tour to Skedans by boat, or a day of fishing (make sure you book these in advance).
  • Day Three: Hire a rental car and travel up to Masset, Old Massett, Tow hill and North Beach, stopping in Tlell and Port Clements on the way up or down island. Stay this night and the next either in Queen Charlotte, Tlell, Port Clements, or Masset.
  • Day Four: Visit the Haida Heritage Centre and Haida Gwaii Museum in the morning, take a nice walk on the beach in the afternoon while planning your next longer visit!

Seven Days

We have chosen a Masset arrival for this example but it could be reversed and you could arrive and depart from Sandpsit.

  • Day One: Arrive in Masset, pick up your rental car and head out to your accommodation; this could be either right in Masset, Old Massett or maybe a cabin on North Beach. If you have chosen a cabin you will want to stop in Masset and pick up groceries and supplies.
  • Day Two: Spend the morning walking the beaches, checking out Tow Hill, after lunch head into Old Massett, to visit the shops and galleries located there. A visit to the Dixon Entrance museum is a must. Spend the evening dining or watching the sunset, perhaps another stroll on the beach.
  • Day Three: Your choice to spend another day in the north part of the island; options include fishing, taking a tour to Yan, or just hanging out at the beach. Or… make a move to either Port Clements or Tlell: there are walking trails, more beaches and opportunities to kayak or take a guided tour to see an old Haida Canoe in the woods. Accommodations of all kinds are available and it’s nice to explore another area of the islands without too much driving
  • Day Four: Today head down to Skidegate and Queen Charlotte, spend the afternoon at the Haida Heritage Centre and Haida Gwaii Museum. Visit the shops and galleries in Skidegate. Take a walk around the Spirit Lake Trail. You will have chosen from the wonderful selection of accommodations available in Queen Charlotte and Skidegate.
  • Day Five or Six: You may have planned a one or two day tour in Gwaii Haanas to visit an ancient Haida Village site. Several companies offer various types of tours: it is advisable to book in advance. Other options are of course: fishing on the west coast or maybe a day of kayaking again. You may have looked into this option beforehand and have booked in advance.
    Another option for these days and if you have a rental car that you are allowed to drive on logging roads you can spend a day over on Moresby Island checking out the sights of Sandspit and area or head over to Rennel Sound on the west coast of Graham Island. Both areas offer nice hikes.
  • Day Seven: Time to head back up to Masset for your flight home.

There is so much to explore in the Haida Gwaii.  Contact us today to start planning.

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