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At Ocean Breeze Cruise & Travel, we love working on your dream trips, and watching the excitement in our clients eyes as we press “Book Now.” Which is why we are really excited to be showing you that making your next #TravelResolution is just a click away! Each week, we’ve got a different travel style to cross off your list – and we begin with an African Safari with Lion World Travel!

Our favourite part might just be the wild elephants, but you gotta check it out for yourself!

Lion World Travel offers a variety of safari trips, from honeymoons, to celebratory trips, to just-for-fun trips! Our travel agents love working with them, and can help you plan your safari down to the last detail!

The destinations in Africa are endless. You can chose from 12 different locations, from Mozambique, to Seychelles, to Botswana – there is no shortage of adventure on this trip.

Wondering what you need to make this happen? Nothing! Just the time off work, and a click of the mouse here. We will do the work for you, and soon enough, you’ll be off on a safari adventure with some of the world’s most majestic animals!

Honestly! How amazing are some of these animals!? Click here to get started, call us today at 604-746-0406 locally or 1-877-857-0880 or email us at vacations@oceanbreezeholidays.com

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