Travel Tips for Iceland

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Iceland is a beautiful Country with much to offer the traveler. I have put together a few tips to help you save some time & money on your next Iceland vacation!

Did you know that in Iceland 98% of the homes are heated by hot water Geothermal pools – even the streets in Reykjavik are heated!

  1. Hotels – you have many choices for hotels when staying in Reykjavik. Downtown hotels are the best choice for location. You can walk to so many places or cab it if you are mobility challenged (or tired after walking all day!). Keep in mind downtown hotels can be quite noisy – so make sure to request a quiet room or a room near the back of the hotel! Pre book your hotels as they do sell out!
  2. Food & Drink – The food was very delicious, however be prepared to have a bit of sticker shock. We frequently visited the Big Bonus grocery store to purchased food for snacks and lunches. We usually dined out for dinner. A personal pizza was around $31CAD and a cocktail with dinner was around $23CAD. Iceland’s coffee house which is verycomparable to Starbuck’s (but my mom said is better than StarbucksJ ) is called Te & Kaffi. They are found everywhere just like we would finda a Starbucks and actually the pricing was very similar to what we are used to at home. There are all types of food served here but of course seafood, fish & lamb are the most popular. I had someone ask me if you could find beef in Iceland as someone had told them they don’t have beef, but rest assured they do!
  3. Tours – It is best to book your tours ahead of time with your travel agent! A trip to the Blue Lagoon is a MUST DO! Travel Tip – Bring your own towel as there is a charge, lockers are free. Photo Tip – Bring a waterproof camera or cellphone case. The Golden Circle Tour is another must, you can see the ProvincialPark, their big water fall Gullfoss and the Geyser. The Northern Lights tours are another one of many people’s bucket lists. You can do this tour by boat cruise or driving tour. There are also Horseback riding and Ranch tours.
  4. GolfDid you know that there are over 80 Golf Courses in Iceland? Let us book your tee times ahead of time with your package so you are not dissapointed!
  5. Walking & Hiking – The topography in Iceland is quite flat and rocky. There are some hills but no mountains! The tress aren’t quite like what we have here in BC. The foilage consists of small trees or shrubs but that’s about it. The joke in Iceland is “What do you do if you get lost in the forrest? Stand Up!” You can hike the hills or glaciers. Cycle the Ring Road and when the weather is nice you can take a stroll along the ocean front, I took a beautiful walk from the Harpa Concert and Meeting Hall to right up to where the Cruise Ships Dock.
  6. Transportation – When arriving to Reyjkavik all Flybus and Reyjkavik tours buses go through a central station called BSI. Here you change buses that will take you to your hotel or to connect you with your pre booked tours. There is a ticket office inside that you exchange your travel vouchers for and get tickets. Grayline also has their own central station in which it works the same as BSI. Very easy overall experience!

My best advice is to get out and go to Iceland – you won’t be sorry. Reyjkavik is a hopping place in the evening, we found a lot of bachelor party groups, many young people as well as old. There is something for everyone here!

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