The World of Viking Cruises

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From the most intimate rivers to the widest ocean horizons shimmering with possibility, there are waterways to explore, cultures to welcome you and fantastic natural beauty to behold. A glimpse into the world of Viking River Cruises® reveals enriching itineraries over much of the world in some of the most rewarding and fascinating locations.

Here, you’ll find dozens of enticing destinations to quench your thirst for discovery. Amsterdam. Budapest. Venice. Paris. Santorini. They’re all within reach, thanks to the largest fleet on the rivers of Europe, the most elegant ships sailing the waters of China and Southeast Asia, and intimate ocean ships cruising the Baltic, North Sea and Mediterranean.

Viking’s river cruises and ocean cruises are designed so you can experience the essence of a place and its people. You can truly explore each destination, immersing yourself in its history, music, art and cuisine. We include excursions led by knowledgeable local guides in every port of call, and provide onboard entertainment and enrichment lectures that bring history and culture to life. From thoughtfully designed itineraries to vessels that showcase state-of-the-art engineering and streamlined Scandinavian design, Viking River Cruises continuously seeks new ways to delight travelers. Feel the majesty of sweeping landscapes. Embrace intriguing cultures and traditions. Marvel at grand expressions of art, architecture and engineering. Viking River Cruises lets you discover the world around you. Awaken your senses. Immerse your spirit. Indulge your dreams.

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