The Chocolatier Takes Japan!

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Recently, our friend, Wim Tas, from ChocolaTas went on an incredible trip to Japan! We were lucky enough to help Wim plan his trip of a lifetime – check out his pictures and what he had to say about the beautiful country of Japan!

“The trip was fabulous!!! I would go back in a heartbeat…. The landscape is very much the same, similar to the West Coast of Canada. The culture is just amazing.”

“The people of Japan are just sooo friendly. They are so disciplined, the children are so well behaved. I loved every minute of it. I also enjoyed seeing the great architecture in the cities we visited.”

Wim spent his time travelling around Japan, but he really enjoyed Tokyo the most! During his tour, he was able to some active excursions, that allowed him to see even more of the beautiful country of Japan!

Tokyo is amazing, just like all the other places of course….but it’s unreal that Tokyo has the population of Canada…in 1 city !!!!The active part of the tour was enjoyable as well. The hiking, the biking and kayaking were a nice addition to the siteseeing.

“Thanks again for your assistance with my travelplans and I’m planning already for next year, so I will get in touch with you when I have all the ducks in a row!”

We had so much fun helping Wim, and hearing all about his trip of a life time – we can’t wait for his next trip! Be sure to check out his amazing chocolate shop in Abbotsford, or online by clicking here!

We LOVE seeing our clients pictures, and hearing all about the adventures they encountered! Send us your trip highlights by emailing your Ocean Breeze Travel Consultant!

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