Wayne has gone ABOVE AND BEYOND!

Hey there,
I feel compelled to notify you about one of your employees.
This man is a God send!!!

I had booked a trip for my son, daughter in law, myself and 4 grand children.
Due to covid, our trip was on credit.   I rebooked in October, with another travel agency, AND MY NIGHTMARE BEGAN!!!!!!

2 Days ago, I had sent him/her an email about my itinerary and passes. I received an email that stated,
LOL… I thought I had sent it. Please check  your junk mail.

I should have sent this on October 22. When I tried to reserve my Disney days, I wasn’t able to as it was fully booked!!
My trip begins in 9 days.  Dec3-9  I emailed and called him/her and still have not heard from him/her  !! I told him/her how distraught I am and how my grand children won’t understand!!
Still NO REPLY!!!!

I am writing to you to inform you of this ANGEL on your payroll!!!!

Wayne had gone ABOVE AND BEYOND and made our Christmas Miracle happen!!!!!

I am an avid traveller and I will ONLY use your company and my saviour, Wayne!!

I’m still crying with joy over his dedication and empathy that he showed me!!

I can’t say enough about this man!
Thank you,
Kelly Kosmas

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