Oceania Cruise

The Oceania cruise was amazing! Besides the itinerary, here are the perks we enjoyed that were different than other cruises:

Smaller ship, 1200 passengers to 800 crew. So, it felt like the cruise ship was not full. No lineups, crowds, excess waiting, etc. It felt so ‘civilized’!

The FOOD was above and beyond our expectations! Even in the Terrace Cafe (buffet) the food was so tasty, appealing and served by the staff. There were fresh berries right to the very last day! We even ate 3 suppers there. Service in all the areas was fantastic!

Specialty coffees in any area was not extra, and was very good too! We didn’t feel ‘2 bitted’ every time you wanted something. Only alcoholic drinks were extra.

All the crew were super friendly….everyone greeted you with a smile and hello. There was not hype for loud activities. Poolside was very quiet and serene with relaxing music, sometimes live band playing.

Shipboard credit was great for the Spa usage and the shops at the end!

The only thing we were disappointed in was…..they did nothing for our Anniversary! We received 2 cards in the room at the beginning of the cruise that said ‘Happy Anniversary’ in 15 languages on it, but no special anything in the Red Ginger Restaurant. We were not sure what was supposed to happen, so did not ask. Oh well….

So, that’s about it…..Don may have more to add….

The flights were great and all went well there.

We will definitely consider another Oceania Cruise, but not for a few years. It would be very hard to go back now to the other lines.

Thanks, Janice for all your service to us. Orilyn

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