African Adventure

It was an adventure of a lifetime for my daughter and me. Volunteering at an orphanage in Africa was something my

daughter had dreamed about doing. When she asked me to join her on a safari after her 8 weeks of volunteering was done, I turned to Maureen at Ocean Breeze for help. I was overwhelmed by all the preparation

needed for our trip to Africa but Maureen patiently guided us through all the steps. Helping us select a tour to fit our time and budget, getting our flights organized, and selecting the appropriate insurance

coverage were some of the many tasks she accomplished to ensure that we had a great trip.

My daughter had an unforgettable experience volunteering in an orphanage in Tanzania. She was immersed in a culture so different from her own. She fell in love with the children in the orphanage, learned to speak

Swahili, and met many amazing people. We went on a camping safari with GAP Adventures and visited three

wildlife reserves. We saw breathtaking scenery and magnificent wildlife. Our tour experience was wonderful. GAP had very comfortable campsites with clean tents, excellent food, and great vans for the game drives.

Our guide and the other staff members were very friendly, well organized, and informative. They worked really hard to ensure that we had a superb experience We are very grateful to Maureen and Ocean Breeze for the great

planning and organizing that led to our amazing adventure. Maureen’s attention to detail helped us to avoid problems and have a wonderful experience!

Doreen and Pamela Jung

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