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Cruising – It’s Back with Princess Cruises’ Medallion Class!
Written by Cathie Lewis Hardy

This past summer I had the pleasure to experience Princess Cruises’ Medallion Class. The ship was the
Princess Majestic and the itinerary was the Inside Passage to Alaska. The Alaska ports of call for this
cruise season were Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan. This sailing would have normally departed from
Vancouver, Canada but was moved to Seattle for the 2021 season. It will be back to Vancouver for the
2022 season.
We booked our flights from Vancouver to Seattle plus Princess’ transfers to the ship. I recommend
their return transfers as they are seamless and less expensive than regular taxi or Uber type rides.
Part of the fun of preparing for our Alaska adventure was to download the Princess Medallion app and
personalize for our cruise.
We were able to pre-book our preferred dining times each evening, book specialty restaurants, spa
treatments and wonderful land excursions. Princess has some of the best land excursions as they have
been in Alaska for over 50 years!
I totally recommend that you purchase Princess Plus. Princess Plus includes three inclusions:
 Premier beverage package (including tips)
 Unlimited Wi-Fi
 Prepaid gratuities
It was a very easy embarkation in Seattle. After collecting our OceanMedallion and lanyard, we were on
the ship in less than 30 minutes! We immediately headed to our cabin, to await luggage delivery. No
keys on this ship, we simply approached our cabin and our OceanMedallion touchlessly opened our
cabin door!
One of my favourite changes to traditional embarkation was how easy Muster was. In the past, this
mandatory pre-cruise safety drill entailed marching to the outside ship decks or gathering in a dining
room with dozens of other passengers who would rather be exploring their home for the next seven
days. Today, you simply watch a pre-cruise video and quickly check in to your Muster station with a
swipe of your OceanMedallion!
The main dining room menus change nightly and the delicious breakfast and lunch buffets continue but
now you will be served by smiling staff. The food onboard is amazing, especially the desserts! If you
are a vegan or pescatarian you will have plenty of choices while onboard. In particular, we enjoyed the
veggie hamburgers and lobster rolls for lunch and unlimited entrée choices in the dining room or
specialty restaurants. We had originally pre-booked one specialty dinner during the week but ended up
booking specialty restaurants for two additional nights. One of our favourite restaurants aboard the
Majestic was Harmony, a specialty restaurant created in partnership with a former chef from the first
Chinese restaurant in North America awarded a Michelin star. We went twice, need I say more?
You can also order food and beverages throughout the ship with OceanNow on your Medallion app.
Enjoy the view and have a beverage delivered to your lounge chair. I confess that I may have enjoyed a
couple of afternoon Hendricks gin and tonics this way!

I can’t speak about dining without mentioning the staff on board. They were absolutely the best, so
very service oriented. From the moment you stepped aboard it was apparent that staff were very happy
to be back on board after so many months away. I’m serious when I say that they were beaming with
pride. Many have been with Princess for over 20 years.
At each port, dozens of optional excursions are available to you. It can be overwhelming but I do
recommend any of the Discovery Channel excursions. We found them to informative and enjoyable.
You may also want to just enjoy one of the ports, self-exploring the town and nearby trails.
I would like to give a call-out to our on-board naturalist and historian – Michael Modzelewski. Michael
offered a four part series during our week long cruise and was an engrossing speaker offering personal
experiences along with his vast knowledge of Alaska’s wildlife. We looked forward to each of his
Finally, I can’t speak about an Alaska cruise without mentioning its amazing beauty. Many of us who
live in British Columbia may feel we are close to nature and wilderness, just steps from our homes.
Alaska takes this experience to a new level. From Orcas, eagles, seal lions and harbor seals to miles of
magnificent pristine shorelines and waterfalls, the vista changes by the minute. And the glaciers! Listen
closely and you can hear them crack. And if you are lucky you will see them carve in front of your eyes.
It is a different air and lighting in Glacier Bay. I felt it.
In Alaska, you will feel so in touch with nature, history and yourself. In these days where we need to be
stimulated by virtual experiences, Alaska brings you the real thing. Make sure you plan your Alaska trip
today with your favourite travel advisor!

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