Our Disneyland Adventure!

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Last week, we were lucky enough to spend 3 days in the most magical place on earth! With 2 days at Disneyland, and 1 day at Disneyland California Adventure, we were able to soak up all that Walt Disney has to offer.

Our entire family went down, including our parents, all 4 of us daughters, husbands, and the kids (yep, you read that right. All. Eleven. Children). From the moment we walked in, it was pure magic, and watching the wonder from the eyes of the kids! It was all decorated in Halloween, and there were pumpkins everywhere!

We started off our time with a full 12 hours in the the park! We immediately hit the Indiana Jones ride, and had so much fun riding around in the jeep, and dodging all the fire, snakes, and arrows! After that, it was a full 12 hours of rides, fun, & all around the best family time!

One recommendation we have is to utilize your FastPasses. FastPass gives you a 60 minute time frame to return, and allows you to skip most of the line. You can get these at any of the distribution spots on eligible rides. A few helpful hints: the longer the wait time, the longer you have to wait before you can get another one. For example, if the wait time of the Haunted Mansion is 60 minutes, you might have to wait 2 hours until you can be eligible for another FastPass. Make sure that you have a plan of attack for the rides you most want to experience. With our FastPass plans, we were able to go on all rides, and kept our wait times to a minimum! This gave us more time to walk around, and experience rides that had shorter wait times.

Another helpful tip is to download the Disneyland app! It gives you real time updates on the ride wait times, and you can filter for each park, find out where washrooms, and other facilities are, plus – you can see a map of both parks, and see where you are located on the map, so finding stores, rides, and restrooms are a breeze! There is wifi in select areas of the park, so Canadians don’t have to worry about using their data if they don’t have a plan!

You’ve got to try the Dole Whip, next to the Tiki Room in Adventureland! It’s absolutely delicious! **Be sure to skip the line, and do a mobile order through your Disneyland app – the line for the Dole Whip was always long!

Our second day was spent in California Adventure – and it was probably our favourite day for rides! If you’re a fan of thrilling rides, you need to make sure that you go on the Guardians of the Galaxy ride, which replaced the old Tower of Terror. If you go alone for the set up, decoration, and props, it’s worth it.

Groot is a character you definitely need to see and meet. He’s about 7 feet tall, and the costuming is incredible.

Make sure you head to Radiator Springs early to utilize your FastPass! The line up was about 75 minutes long every day, and when we got our FastPasses at 9:30am, they were valid from 1:30 – 2:30pm! It can fill up quite quickly, and it’s definitely not something you want to miss. Everywhere you look, it’s like you’ve been transported to the movie set, and are right in the middle of Radiator Springs!

Most of all, take in all the magic that Disneyland has to offer! Release your inner child, and take pictures with your favourite princess, or strike a pose with Mickey!


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