One Word Says it All…..LONDON!

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A few highlights of your trip to London!

I personally loved just walking around London seeing the history, watching the people, taking in the sites.  If I had to pick my top three favorite things though I’d say Tower of London, Hyde Park, and Kensington Palace.

Tower of London:

We did a tour with a Beefeater around the grounds of the Tower of London, it was a great way to learn the history and hear the stories of this great fortress.  My favorite part of the Tower, was definitely the Crown Jewels.  Definitely not something to be missed for anyone who loves jewellery and gemstones.  No words can describe this great collection.

Hyde Park:

Hyde Park is the largest of four royal parks.  We entered close to Buckingham Palace and walked through the park to Kensington Palace.  It was a long walk, but so worth it.  The pristine gardens, the birds, the water features, the people enjoying the beautiful grounds from all over the world.  You could easily just spend the whole day in this lovely park.

Kensington Palace:

Kensington Palace is a royal residence set in Kensington Gardens, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London.  I love everything to do with the Royal Family so this was a great place for me to visit.  Being that we were there the year of the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s passing we had the opportunity to see the famous white garden that was created in her memory this year, as well as the spectacular Princess Diana dress exhibit.  Seeing those dresses, reading the stories that went along with them, remembering seeing photos of her in them it was a very moving exhibit.  Surprisingly even my husband and 11 year old son enjoyed it.  Kensington Palace itself though has a lot to offer for anyone who enjoys, history and the Royal Family.


I also asked my family to for a bit of feedback on their favorite part of London.  Like me it was hard for them to pick one, we all truly enjoyed every aspect of London.  This is what they came up with though:

My husband, really enjoyed The Tube being able to get from one part of the city to another quickly and easily.  It made it easy for us to be able to see so much, that if we relied on buses or cabs we wouldn’t have seen nearly as much as we did.  He also enjoyed the people watching on The Tube, seeing the people coming and going, such big crowds of people the with a mission to get somewhere is the massive city.

My daughter really enjoyed Camden Market, this is her write up:

Camden was one of my favourite parts of London because of its unique flare. It was very different than the hustle and bustle of downtown London. It was still very busy but full of people there to have fun. With so many unique stores, restaurants and markets! Definitely a place I would love to explore more next time I am there.

My son’s favorite part was the British Museum.  He is 11 years old but is a history buff, loves learning and reading so being able to explore in the British Museum was a dream come true for him.  The highlight of the British Museum for him was seeing the Rosetta Stone, it’s something he’s read about so much and to actually see the real Rosetta Stone is something he will never forget.  If you’re planning on visiting the British Museum get there early, for when they 1st open as it’s very busy and gets packed quite quickly.

These are just a very small few highlights of London.  It truly is a very diverse, cultural, busy city.  There is something for everyone no matter what your interests are you will find something to experience in London.


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