Maureen’s Hawaiian Holiday!

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Hawaii Travel Vacation

Our Ocean Breeze travel agent, Maureen, recently won a trip to Hawaii, courtesy of West Jet! She just returned, and had a great time – so she wanted to share her experience with all of you!

Maureen stayed at the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani, and this (above) was her view! We don’t think it can get any more magical than that! With the blue ocean, and the Hawaiian mountains, we don’t think we would have come home!

Just look at this endless ocean view! Hawaii is a great place for some R & R – there’s something about the tropical air, and the colourful scenery that resets our soul.

Maureen loved to take in the colourful flowers, and vegetation – it’s much different to what we have back in Raincouver – we mean, Vancouver! 😉


The front of the  Sheraton Princess Kaiulani, covered with trees, and gives a Hawaiian vacation feel from the moment you step out of the vehicle!

Some tucked away beaches along the volcanic rock – so beautiful! Taking a dip in the Pacific Ocean in an island is a definite bucket list item! Get your feet wet and sandy!



There’s also lots of waves to catch on a surf board – we’ve tried it, and it’s harder than it looks! But so much fun! Be prepared after hitting the surf to be tuckered out and spend the rest of the day laying on the beach or poolside recouping your energy!



Here’s a bit more information about Maureen’s trip, and some of details that we can help book and work out for you! (i.e. parking, etc).

*Park N’ Fly at Vancouver Airport! A safe place to leave your car while you are exploring the Hawaiian Islands! They also offer a shuttle 24/7 from your car to the airport (and back)! So you can rest easy if you’re getting in late!
*West Jet has direct flights from Vancouver – meaning you don’t need to worry about transferring planes! This takes a lot of stress and hassle out of your journey!
*Shuttle from Honolulu airport to your Waikiki hotel
*car rental! There is so much more to see other than just Waikiki! Take a car and explore the islands further!
*Waikiki hotel – there is a wide choice for hotels, most of which include an ocean view room! So you can pick what works best for your budget!
*Or there is always another option, take an Inter Island flight and stay on another Island! They are so close, you have no excuse not to take off to see more of Hawaii!
And when you return home…. it’s memories and photos of all that is Hawaii! Take Maureen’s advice – and enjoy every moment on your Hawaiian adventure!
Click here to get in touch with Maureen about her Hawaiian trip!

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