Jen’s Mazatlan Adventure!

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Our lovely travel consultant, Jen, just returned from an incredible trip to Mazatlan, where she was able to learn so much about this beautiful destination! She’s now an expert, and can’t wait to help you get your dream vacation started!

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Mazatlan on a FAM trip! We stayed at the El Cid El Moro for 7 nights.We flew with West Jet and had great service there and back, with a hilarious flight attendant on our connecting flight from Calgary to Abbotsford!!I stayed in a 1 bedroom suite at the El Moro and had the most amazing view, with a ton of space! My room had a kitchenette, living room, bedroom with two doubles, 2 bathrooms and a ton of closet space! This is a great property for families!!We booked the Elite package, so we had access to all four El Cid properties, our own lounge, slippers and robes and a guaranteed ocean view room!I loved that I could order room service for breakfast (also an Elite perk)The pools were great and spacious, with lots of fun activities for kids and adults!I loved the Elite Adults only pool, great bar service, and a spacious quiet space.  The waterfalls in the pool hid all the loud noises from the `party pools. It was a small little relaxing oasis.

We did multiple tours with PronaTours -I will 100% recommend every tour we did!Service was great, informative and fun! I loved learning the history of Mazatlan and the surrounding area! I like that they stopped in small villages to give us an authentic experience! I got to make salsa, and blue corn tortillas!! We got to watch a horse dance at the farm of a famous horse trainer! Its the little things that make something feel big, and Pronatours did just that!

The people in Mazatlan are friendly and welcoming, I loved driving down the Malecon (Longest boardwalk in the world, 22km) and people watching! Such a gorgeous part of Mexico! There are many Monuments along the Boardwalk, its a beautiful place to sightsee!Tours we did:Colonial Tour – my favourite! So much history here, and they explained it in depth while making it fun! Gorgeous. We stopped to watch a potter make a bowl, a tile maker show us his old fashioned way of making tiles and stopped in a few little old towns! Every town has a square where everyone can get together and a catholic church.Blue Agave Tour– unexpectedly great! In depth explanation on the distilling process, with a few tastings after. This is where we stopped to see the Dancing horses, make tortillas and salsa!City Tour– We drove down the Malecon to see all the monuments, were brought up high on the hill for a beautiful city view, learned alot about the city! We stopped to see the shrimp market (is there an emoji for “holy smokes that reeks”?? LOL), fish market, shopping, gorgeous cathedral and the historic districtDeer Island– We took a catamaran out across the shoreline of Mazatlan, and then swung back to hit deer island. It was a relaxing day of swimming, snorkeling, and banana boat rides!My favourite part of Mazatlan was the Historic Distric. It is so beautiful, and I love that they are preserving the history of it and bringing it back to life!

Mazatlan is a great place to bring you family! They have kind of shifted from the party town of 30 years ago, and are really bringing back family tourism!! It is my new favourite location in Mexico and I cant wait to bring my family there!!!As for El Cid resorts in Mazatlan, I’d say they definitely have something to offer everyone!Id say if youd prefer a quieter holiday with a laid back pool and no pool parties/games to stay at the GranadaIf you are on a tight budget and want to head to Mazatlan then to stay at the CastillaIf you have a bigger family, then stay at the El Moro, and truly consider upgrading to the Elite package, Id made a big difference for a small price.For those of you who prefer 5 star accomodations, or really love getting out and doing boat excursions, stay at the Marina, it is a gorgeous property

All in All, Mazatlan surprised me! I will definitely be back!

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