Jacey & Ryan – MARRIED!

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Ocean Breeze clients Jacey & Ryan celebrated their wedding day in the beautiful Valentin Imperial Maya Playa del Carmen, Mexico back in May, and they sent us over some beautiful photos! Their wedding day was beautiful, intimate, and so much fun! Our lovely leader, Janice, had so much fun helping them plan, and making their dream destination wedding come true!

Jacey sent us a complete review on their experience, and we are so happy to share with you how it all went!

They chose the adults only Valentin Imperial Maya Playa del Carmen, and here’s what they had to say about their time there:

“Best I’ve ever been to! It was our second adults only experience (first
was at Secrets Silversands) and we met so many couples that had been to this
resort 10, 20 even more then 40 times!!! It is a place you continually want to go
back to. It is beautiful, luscious, green and very clean. Lots of wildlife around
which was really cool to see since I’ve been to Mexico four times and never seen
this much wildlife on a resort. So nice to see the authentic nature around. The
food was amazing, very friendly staff and exceptional service. One of the largest
pools in playa del Carmen with 2 swim up bars. One lazy pool with food and drink
service. The beach was beautiful and always very clean! Amazing restaurants
and different themed dinners throughout the week. Great shows to go see at
night and fun night life in the sports lounge.”

They chose to travel with AirTransat – which they’ve had great experiences with in the past. While they had a few disappointments, we were so happy to hear that it didn’t put a damper on the rest of the trip. They really took this vacation and focused on what really mattered – their wedding!

TRAVELLING: “We travelled there and back with AirTransat. I have had a good
experience in the past with them and it was so great that we got upgraded to
Plus since we were the bride and groom! We made good use of being able to
bring an extra luggage bag with all our extras for the wedding! We were told
beforehand that our plane got downsized due to the season of us flying. The
planes both ways were extremely small and it was a disappointment for some of
our guests who upgraded to first class did not get first class due to the plane
being smaller. The staff on the plane were very unfriendly and when I had asked
one of the staff about where I was supposed to put my dress he shrugged his
shoulders and said there was no place for it did not care at all about it. The plane
coming home had overhead compartments that were broken and no one could
put their things even up above. I must say I was a little disappointed with Air
Transat this time… luckily the resort made up for all of that!”

Ryan & Jacey were travelling with a group of 25 guests – which can get a little tricky when you’re trying to make it all happen for everyone! We are so thankful that the bride & groom trusted in us to make sure their special day was just that – special. Janice loves helping couples have the wedding day of their dreams, and she’s pretty darn good, if we say so ourselves! So thank you, Jacey & Ryan, for letting us help you!

PLANNING: “As soon as I knew we were going to be doing a destination wedding
I knew right away I needed a travel agent to help with helping to find that perfect
resort for us. I contacted Janice from Ocean Breeze and I must say she was
amazing!! She was so prompt in replying back to me about my million questions I
had about the different resorts. She met with myself and Ryan to go over the

different resorts and helped us narrow it down. We had narrowed it down to VIM
or Secrets Maroma Beach and we decided on VIM. The entire time Janice
coordinated all the flights, transportation details and resort details for all of us
from Vancouver and Edmonton. I cannot express enough how great she was with
dealing with everyone of my guests! Once I had locked down a resort I started wedding planning with the wedding planner Leslie. She made note of everything that I had asked for and any photos
I had for inspiration she made this come to life! When we arrived at the resort the
first morning we were there we met with her and she had everything typed out
and made everything SO stress free! She took any decorations that I had brought
down with me and explained to Ryan and I how everything was going to go. She
set everything up and had everything where it needed to be! I cannot express
enough how amazing she was. The entire day she was with us and made sure
everything went smoothly.”


First of all, can we all just agree on how absolutely stunning Jacey looked in her wedding dress?! She chose such a beautiful, classy dress that was perfect for her beach wedding. And Ryan look pretty handsome himself!

GETTING READY: ‘My wedding packaged included either hair or makeup I chose
to get both done at the resort and just showed them photos of how I wanted
everything to be done. Myself, my bridesmaids and my mom all went to the salon
in the late morning and started getting ready. The ladies at the salon were so
great! They got all our hair and makeup done in time and did a great job. We
ordered room service to the salon and ate and drank while getting ready.”

Um, hello stunning venue! There’s nothing more special than committing your life to your best friend in front of the endless ocean with your closest friends & family in a beautiful and intimate ceremony. We just love this!

BEACH CEREMONY: 4pm. “They have a private beach location for us to be at for
the ceremony. It was so nice and intimate. We gave our WC the songs to walk
down the aisle and the exiting ceremony songs and they played and faded the
songs as needed.”

COCKTAIL HOUR: “We decided to have our wedding reception and cocktail hour
all at the same spot under the gazebo. It was easier just to have guests go there
right after we took some group photos and hangout while Ryan and I stayed
behind to take photos together. I didn’t get to try any of the apples, but I heard
they were amazing. We had a welcome drink of different flavoured mojitos for
when our guests arrived and when our reception started everyone had a shot at
their seat to toast when we came into the reception.”

Once the formalities were out of the way, it was all about the party! The food makes our mouths water just reading about them, and from some of these photos, the dancing looked like it would have been a blast!

RECEPTION: “It was amazing!! Was the highlight of my life!! Ryan and I walked in
and we toasted to everyone. We walked around and mingled with everyone while

we waited for dinner to be served. We did squash soup (Ryan doesn’t even like
soup and to this day talks about how amazing this soup was) We had the goat
cheese and raspberry vinaigrette salad (which was my favourite) and for our
main course we had the filet mignon with potatoes, it was delicious! For dessert
we had apple crisp and for our wedding cake we had a vanilla cake with caramel
and coffee filling – SO GOOD! I wish I got to have more, but dancing got in the
way! After dinner our photographer took us back to the beach to take some
sunset photos and once we came back from that we started dancing with our first
dance and then father/daughter mother/son dance.”

MUSIC: “We hired the resorts DJ (probably a week before our wedding, because I
procrastinated A LOT about whether or not to do our own music) I must say we
made a great choice getting the DJ. We had everyone on the dance floor and
everyone danced the entire time!! We had a blast!! They even had different
coloured lights under the gazebo, sparklers went off during our first dance AND
they blew up and handed out balloons to us and our guests who had such a fun
time playing around with them while on the dance floor! My friends and family
said they had never danced so much at a wedding and people who never usually
dance were out there! Definitely the best money we spent.”

They may have had to wait a touch too long for their wedding photos, but they turned out stunning! We love their sunset photos!

PHOTOGRAPHY: “I researched a lot photographers before we decided on one. I
even looked into bringing down a photographer from Canada and paying for their
week stay to do our wedding since I wasn’t a huge fan of the type of photography
the resort did. (everyone’s got their own taste of photography) After many hours
of researching reviews and seeing many good reviews on Sascha Gluck I
reached out to him to book him for our big day. There were so many great
reviews on him and his style of photography was exactly what I wanted! He
showed up on our wedding day and instantly he was a huge hit! Everyone loved
him and he stayed with me the entire time. His second shooter went over to
shoot the guys getting ready. He was very professional on the day of the wedding
and at the end of the night he had told me it would be 6-8 weeks to receive our
photos. Almost 22 weeks later I FINALLY received my photos. He had a problem
with one of the memory cards and it was corrupt and had to send it in to get the
photos retrieved off of it… Luckily it was just the getting ready photos. Needless
to say it was a very stressful couple months trying to get in contact with Sascha.
At the 8 week mark he contacted me and told me he needed more time. I was
totally fine with that I didn’t want to rush the editing process, but after that I heard
very seldom and then nothing at all for 2 months after I followed up with him
almost on a weekly basis… Communication was not his best which made it quote
stressful. His work is phenomenal and he definitely knows what he is doing and

is great in person, but sadly I was not impressed with the after communication as
to where our photos were.”

Jacey & Ryan also went on some amazing excursions, that really kicked their marriage off with adventure! They have some great insight on which excursions to do, and which you could skip!

EXCURSIONS: “Ryan and I knew when we left that we wanted to go see Chichen
Itza and repel into the Cenotes and go on a catamaran ride. We made a
Facebook group and sent it out to all our guests letting them know these were
the two excursions we were going on and asked if anyone wanted to join. Both
trips we had around 10-15 people come which was super nice to be able to
spend the day with everyone. The day after our wedding we went out on the
Catamaran and went to Isle Mujeres. We booked this through the man at the
Transat booth on the resort. He was great with scheduling both excursions for us,
but I felt like since so many of us were going we probably should have gotten
some type of deal. Anyways the island was super cool we went snorkelling
(which don’t do this trip if your expecting a day of snorkelling) It was super short
time of being in the water and a little too much time on the island. It was cool to
be able to walk around the streets of Isla Mujeres and learn about the statues
and the church there. We got to go shopping, had lunch and even went to taste
some tequila while there. On the way back we sailed back and was super cool to
just relax on the boat.

The day after we went to Chichen Itza and the Cenotes. It was a LONG day, but
so worth it to see this cool history. We did a tour of Chichen Itza and got some
time to walk around and take some photos. It was a beautiful (but hot) start to the
day. As we headed towards the cenotes it was down pouring and our driver was
amazing taking us through the most rain I’ve ever seen and got us all there
safely. We got to repel down into the cenote and swim around. We did zip lining
in there and jump off platforms and climb on ropes was super fun. After
swimming we went and had lunch and got a ride back to the resort.
My brothers and a few of our friends book with the Transat guy to go to Coco
Bongo that night as well, when they got all ready to go and waited for the bus to
come pick them up no one arrived to get them… The Transat guy apologized and
said they would get free t-shirts for the mistake and they would be picked up the
next night. They never received their t-shirts, but they got picked up the next
night and went and said they had a blast there! The photos of the streamers and
everything coming down looked like so much fun, I was just too tired from all the
excursions and our wedding to do anything else.”

CONCLUSION: “Everyone said it was the best wedding they had ever been to.
They said the venue, the food, the service, the vacation and the wedding was more

more than anyone expected. They said we did such a great job planning and
organizing. The resort and the wedding was perfect! I couldn’t ask for anything
more. I just keep looking and photos and want to re-live it!!”

Ryan & Jacey, congratulations on your wedding day! We are so happy to have been able to play a part in your special day! Thank you for sharing it with us!

If you’re thinking about a destination wedding, click here to get in touch! We specialise in destination weddings, and would love to help you!

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