How to Stay Healthy on the Road

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One of our biggest fears as travellers is getting sick while on our trips. You’ve spent months planning, organizing, and saving up for this amazing moment, and to fall ill while travelling is discouraging, and down right just depressing! So we’ve come up with a few helpful tips to help you kick any bugs that might come your way!

  1. Sleep, sleep, and more sleep! It’s no secret that even while you aren’t travelling, getting sleep is important to your health. So, why should it be any different while you’re on the road? Things like crossing time zones, carting around luggage, and just walking around while you explore can be physically draining. So it’s pretty important that you don’t run yourself down, and get those ZZZ’s in!
  2. Drink lots of water! You’ll want to make sure that your hydrating your body so that it’s able to perform at it’s best. We know, the wine in Italy, or the beers in Australia can be a little tough to turn down. We try to do a 1:1 ratio. For every glass of wine, we drink one glass of water. You’ll feel better for it!
  3. Exercise! It can be a little tough to throw in some cardio, or to hit the hotel gym when you’re supposed to be relaxing on a beach in Mexico, but your body will love you for the release of endorphins! We suggest scheduling in your work outs Whether that is 20 minutes on the treadmill, or a 10km run through the city, lace up, and get out! You’ll end up with more energy, and your body will be able to fight off any bugs!
  4. Vaccines. We know, we know. This is a bit of a controversial topic these days. But there are some countries who require particular vaccines be administered before you enter. Things like Twinrix for Hepatitis, or Malarone for malaria all help ward off potential life threatening diseases (FUN FACT: you should take Malarone (an anti-malaria pill) 3 days prior to your trip, and one week following). Medicines for travellers diarrhoea, or antibiotics, are also a good idea. We suggest speaking to your family doctor, or your local travel doctor a few months prior to your trip.
  5. Use sunscreen! There’s nothing better than coming back home from your trip with a nice bronze tan, and having people ask “oh my gosh, you’re so tanned! Where have you been?” But you’re best bet is to be sun-smart! Make sure you use a waterproof, high SPF sunscreen, and make sure there’s shade, and a pool full of cool water nearby. The last thing you want when you’re supposed to be sipping Mai Thai’s are symptoms of heat stroke, and a burn so bad every article of clothing hurts.
  6. Don’t skip your meals! This one seems a little straightforward, but make sure that you eat at each meal time. Make use of that continental breakfast, and fuel up before your big day out exploring. That being said, make sure you don’t overeat, either. Eat until you’re about 80% full, and leave it at that. Oh, and don’t overindulge in the alcohol or sweet drinks.

We hope these tips are a good reminder on how to keep yourself healthy while you’re travelling. Keep everything in moderation, and you’ll end up having a great time!

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