How to make long haul flights a little more bearable

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If you’re anything like us, long haul flights can take a toll on your body. They are tough, & we’ve been known to get a little stir crazy… So we asked our team of travel agents for some of their tips to get you through those extra hours on the plane.

  • Netflix! You now can download episodes of your newest series, or a movie you’ve been wanting to watch, directly on the app, and watch it offline. No need to purchase a data package on the flight – just prepare before you board! Don’t download them too early, or they’ll expire on you, leaving you to listen to your neighbours snores! This long haul flight is the perfect excuse to binge watch The Office without judgement.

  • Pack a brand new book you’re excited to read or download a new audio book. The flight is the best way to dive into some uninterrupted chapters, getting lost in the story. Our personal fave’s are The Paris Wife by Paula McLain, or The Testament of Youth by Vera Brittan.

  • Bring a guidebook to research! Get extra excited about your adventure by reading through a guide book (one family member of ours swears by Rick Steves). You can learn a little bit about the country you’re headed to, and some of the best spots for pictures, for food, and for adventure!

  • “Bill & I each take the same copy of a Sudoku book along and race each other to the finish.  Surprising how fast time goes.” Our travel agent, Rita, has a great spin on games! Turn the flight into a friendly competition!
  • Speaking of friendly competition, our family creates in-flight quizzes for one another! They research the country they are headed off to, and create quizzes full of interesting facts, an history! Plus, they are a way to get you excited about the trip!
  • A good ol’ fashioned nap tends to pass the time. For us, it’s easy to catch a few zzz’s on the flight – but for those who struggle to sleep on a plane, our team has got you covered. Try taking a gravol to help you sleep, & be sure to bring a sleep mask and some ear plugs to help drown out the noise and light. The less distractions, the better.
  • Travel agent Sherry uses a “Plane Pack.” She keeps hers out of her carry-on in a small over the shoulder, zippered Purse (we love our Lululemon Festival bag). It fits beside her in her seat or in the pouch on the seat ahead so that she has easy access to it when needed. It includes the things she could need readily available, like tylenol or tums, hand/facial wipes (to stay freshened up), ipad or ipod, a bottle of water, treats, and a neck cushion.

  • A water bottle! One of the hardest things to do on a flight is to stay hydrated. It’s especially tricky if you’ve got the window seat, and you’re neighbours are sleeping… But we highly recommend keeping a water bottle with you. Nothing makes you feel worse than being on an 8 hour flight with next to no water.
  • Comfort! Nothing feels as good as being comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing on the flight. We tend to stick to comfortable jeans, or yoga pants, running shoes, and a warmer sweater. Bring a light blanket (we like to use our blanket scarves) to make sure you don’t get too cold on the flight.

The best way to pass the time? Think of the flight as the beginning of your vacation, rather than the mode of transportation. Find the excitement in travelling, and soak up every ounce of culture you can (if you’re flying, for example, an airline of a different nationality, listen to their announcements, look at their clothing, and watch the way they treat their guests!).

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