Golfing & Banana Boat Rides in Mazatlan!

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I had a great time in Mazatlan, and was lucky enough to golf on their beautiful golf course, with a cart and caddie. This is something I’ve never experienced at home in BC. The caddie was so patient and told me exactly what to do, did I listen? (yes), was I successful? (sometimes) did I have fun? (absolutely). Weather was perfect and had some great friends with me. Ask me about how to book your tee times in advance so you will not be disappointed when you get there!

Another activity I experienced for the first time, was a trip on a banana boat. What is a banana boat I asked? Thinking I was going to ride on a boat that looked like a banana. To my surprise it was long and narrow, and held 8 of us for the ride. We were towed around the lake having a great time, when the driver decided to turn us around, whipping us quite quickly, and yes, you guessed it, we all fell off. Trying to get back on was rather difficult, but we had a very tall and strong person to help us get back up. Fun was had by all and ended the day with a great traditional lunch.

My advice – try everything once!

Submitted by Carol Freeman

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