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Recent Sailing Onboard Princess Cruises 2021

Cruising is such an exciting way to see the World! Waking up in different Cities and or Countries is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face as they push back their curtains and awake to a sun rise over a Caribbean island.

Life on board today’s cruise ships can be exciting whether you are in port or at sea. Activities can range from Bingo, Port Talks etc. to doing nothing at all! Oh and don’t forget the food and entertainment !

The spas on the cruise ships have such an allure of this restful or peaceful place to be in the midst of a busy ship. Sometimes, depending on what the spa prices are like in your current city, you can have a bit of sticker shock when you look at the Spa Menu.

Here are a few ways to save:

Often the first day on board the ship they may have a special ballot box to fill out to enter to win free spa treatments, however your attendance might be required at a Spa talk. From experience I didn’t mind learning about the Spa as I had intended on having some treatments done while on board and the bonus was I won a Free 1 Hour Massage. (I definitely didn’t mind the spa talk as I was snoring away on the massage table – well I hope I wasn’t snoring, but sometimes I wonder if……….)

Another tip is to book your spa treatments for days the ship is in port. Cruise lines might differ from one to another, but typically they will have Port Day prices as well as Sailing Day prices. I was able to get an amazing facial done one morning, only to spend the afternoon in Cozumel. The bonus was that the crowds of people getting of the ship were gone, and by the time we got off it was a lot more relaxing (could have been the facial prior but who’s saying?).

Traveling is about experiences in my mind and the Spa is a definite must do on everyone’s list when they are cruising!

Do you have a favorite spa experience at sea? We would love to hear all about it!

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