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I have dabbled as an amateur photographer over the years. While it is something I enjoy, it’s something that I haven’t dedicated a lot of time to. Over the last two decades I have been very blessed to travel around the Globe – way back when you had to develop the film in your camera, to my first digital camera (A Fuji with a whopping 3.1Megapixels) to my newest digital SLR (Canon) which I LOVE.

As I have travelled these last few years I find more and more that I am forgetting about packing my DSLR because it’s big and bulky. Only to get to the destination and think “I wish I had my camera with me – that would have been an amazing shot”. Then I pull out my dated iPhone 5C and take a mediocre photo (yes newer phones and other models have some pretty decent camera options – I just don’t own one of them).

My advice is………suck it up buttercup and pack the big camera. Strap it across your body, on your back or
carry in a hand bag if it’s the right size, but bring it along. An athletic coach once told me “You regret 100% of the shots you don’t take” and I think that applies to Photography as well!

So get out there, get snapping and capture those amazing memories you are creating with your family around the World!

Contributed by Amanda Rauh

ps – this Elephant’s photo was captured in Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda

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