Around the World in 180 Days

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Four continents, thirty-eight countries, twenty-seven time zones, and 180 days later, and you will have cruised around the world!

Oceania Cruises has opened their bookings for the January 2020 sailing! Below, we’ve listed some of our favourite spots during this cruise – but trust us, there are far too many for us to list them all!

Depart from Miami, Florida on January 8th, 2020. After a few days sailing, and a few stops along the way (like Cuba, and Columbia), stop in Nicaragua! You’ll port around 10am, and depart around 7pm, so it gives you a chance to see some of the culture! This port will be in Corinto – make sure you take in the local markets, and sights!

From Nicaragua, you’ll sail through Mexico, and up to California! You’ll get some time in San Fransisco – check out Alcatraz, and the Golden Gate bridge! Sail down into South America, and stop in Macchu Picchu, Peru (click here to read our blog post on Peru!).

One stop that you’ll have is one that is on our Bucket List here at Ocean Breeze – Chile! There are 6 days of stops in Chile, which gives you a great chance to really immerse yourself in the culture!

There are plenty of stops in South America – a continent rich in history and culture no matter what country you stop in!

After sailing up and down South America, you’ll cross the Atlantic Ocean, and start making stops in Africa! Ports like Senegal, and Ghana, down to Cape Town South Africa, and back up the other side of Africa. There are some really incredible places to see in Africa – and it’s another place that is on our bucket list! We’d love to hear from you if you’ve ever been! Click here to contact us on Facebook!

Next up – the Indian Ocean! Sri Lanka, and a few spots in India are on this leg of the journey, and would be an incredible place to visit! After India, you’ll had over to iconic Phuket, Thailand!

Thailand has a couple stops on the Oceania World Cruise, and continues onto China! Some beautiful places, like Hong Kong, and Xieman are on the port list before you head into South Korea, and Japan! All of these countries have an incredible culture, and their history dates back thousands of years! These countries in Asia have been catching our attention for our next travel destinations – and you could cross them all off on this chance of a lifetime cruise!

You’ll end the journey by heading down through Alaska, and the coast of British Columbia (which will be your time to brag! It’s the most beautiful province in Canada – although we are a little biased…).

The end of the journey is in in San Francisco, but you do have the option to extend your journey! There are two options for the world cruise – Miami to San Francisco is the advertised 180 day cruise, OR San Francisco to New York has up to 20 additional days on the water!

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions or inquiries about the Oceania Around the World Cruise! Click here to email us, or call us at the office at 1(877) 857-0880! We can’t wait to hear all about your trip!

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