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Tanya Martens

Travel Advisor

Put Your Hand Up if you’re Ready to get Back to Travelling!!!

I have always been Passionate about Travelling, Finding Adventure & Experiencing other Cultures!

I am a believer that Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind, heals your soul and fills your life with Stories to tell and memories that will last a lifetime. I believe that Travel plays a huge part in your overall Balance of Health & Wellness.

During the pandemic I realized that with so many areas of Travel out there, I wanted to bring my Focus back to an Area that I am So Passionate about and that’s Adventure Travel.  As much as I love a good Vacation at an all inclusive, what really moves my soul is experiencing the culture and connecting with the Locals.

I am working with an amazing company that specializes in Small Group Adventure Travel that offers travelers experiences of not only adventure trips of a lifetime and opportunities to experience in destination Culture & Connecting with the Locals on a much deeper level but also leave a Positive Impact & Supporting the Local Communities.

Helping plan your Next Adventure and being a part of making something so Special happen for you is a Gift that I am truly Blessed to be a part of.  So get excited, grab your passport and pack your bags because the World is waiting for you to come and Explore everything it has to offer.


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