Sandra Schmidt

Travel Specialist

What an amazing world to explore.  Hidden treasures are rewarding travel gifts like finding a local coffee shop where the coffee is amazing and everyone speaks Italian, or watching the sunset on the rocky hill by a lighthouse in Mykonos, Greece, or simply eating PB&J wings late at night in a local bar in Savannah, Georgia.  Sometimes these treasures come by accident but sometimes they come with a recommendation of “If you want some awesome…, you need to go to ….”
If you are old enough to remember full-service gas station as an option, consider me as a full-service Travel Advisor.  A full-serve gas station would be worth the few extra dollars on a snowy, rainy night when I was too tired to do it myself.  Our world is self-serve everything.  If you would like someone else to do all the research in finding a great destination or flight or even recommendations for excursions, I would love to hear from you.
I’ve also planned school trips for 10 years with some groups of over 100 people.  If you are looking to have a worry free group trip, let me help you with the details.

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For your safety and ours we have made the decision to meet our amazing existing and new clients by appointment only.  

You may call the office 604-746-0406 and enter your travel advisors extension to be directed straight to their phone to set up an appointment.  If you do not know their extension you may press 1 for the directory or go to  about us  to find your travel advisor.

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