Jen Noske

Travel Specialist

Time to introduce myself! My name is Jen, I have been a stay at home mom for nearly ten years with the littlest off to kindergarten in September. My husband and I have 3 kids (9, 7, 4) and own a small hobby farm called “Heritage Acres.” We have a sheep and 9 goats and we grow asparagus – the best in the valley 😉!! This year we are going to plant kiwis 🙌🏻 we love growing things that aren’t popular here in the lower mainland!
Traveling has always been a passion of mine, so it was an easy decision to move onto this new endeavour in preparation for all my little chicks leaving me in the next school year. Our oldest two kids have ADHD so not only do I have experience traveling with young kids (and enjoying it), but we have experience with having amazing adventures with our kids that have ADHD (enter anxiety, meltdowns over nothing, impulsive behaviours etc)

Back to travel! I have two passions…
Disneyland is the happiest place on earth….for real! If I could, I’d be there way more often, I love the feeling of Disney Magic- happiness, peace, FUN!
Mexico- I love the colours, the people, the sun, the sand and the chance to relax. It’s a close bit of paradise! I love bringing my kids, I love relaxing and enjoying the sound of the waves.
**Australia is also up there on my list….despite the snakes, bugs and spiders…..OH MY! My brother in law married an Aussie and moved out there; they now have a gorgeous daughter that I absolutely love….so I now have another “favourite” destination!

I enjoy helping and/or watching other people embark on their own adventures!
Go!! Explore, learn, make memories, grow…..Travel is the ultimate adventure!

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