Alisha Zinn

My name is Alisha and travel is a passion of mine. Having a job in the travel industry is a real dream come true for me and I am so excited to be helping others plan the perfect travel experience.
I specialize in destination weddings, I had my own dream destination wedding in Mexico in 2015 and it really was the best day of my life. I am so happy to be helping other couples plan the perfect wedding and honeymoon vacation for themselves and all of their guests.
I also specialize in long stay packages, something I truly believe is a life changing and amazing experience for anyone. I lived in the United Kingdom near Liverpool when I was 18 years old and it opened my eyes to want to travel and experience the whole world.
I also specialize in Disneyland! The happiest place on earth! I go almost every year and I have taken my children there every year since they were born! I have a ton of tips and tricks on how to make the travel there with babies and young children easier. And having been there about 20 times myself, I know all the best places to stay and go while you are out there!
I also love going to the Riviera Maya in Mexico and touring the ancient Mayan ruins. I have also road tripped through beautiful California, and I LOVE going to any mountain during the winter and snowboarding, tubing and snowshoeing.
I have so many places that I want to travel to in my future and I can’t wait for my children to get a little older and start travelling the world, and I also can’t wait to take them back to Disneyland!!!

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