7 Reasons To Use a Travel Agent

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Nowadays, there are plenty of websites that claim to make it easy to search for the best flight, the cheapest hotel deal, or the hottest price on a cruise. But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to actually speak to an individual about your wants and needs for your trip? What if you need a kid friendly resort? Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect honeymoon spot that won’t be interrupted. So, we’ve rounded up some of the top reasons to use a travel agent.

1. We know how to tailor your trip to you!

All we need is to ask a few questions about the trip of your dreams, and we can help tailor your itinerary to fit all your needs. Is it a family trip to Disneyland? We know the best hotels for your clan! Romantic getaway to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico? Got you covered!

2. We can help make sense of the MANY offers out there!

Sometimes looking through all the catalogues, websites, or even from speaking with friends, confusion sets in in regards to which airline you should book, or the hotel you should stay at. We can decipher the differences between the many options of airlines, resorts, cruise lines, tour guides, etc, and relay these so that it’s easier to understand. Now, just rest easy when it comes time to book.

3. We can help save you time AND money!

Contrary to popular belief, there is NO fee to use our services! We search for the best deal to suit your needs, and don’t charge a fee on top! Plus, you don’t have to sit at your computer researching hotels, or finding airline connections that give you enough time to get from one gate to another. So you can sit back, relax, and let us do the searching. Now just what will you do with ALL your free time…

4. We have the knowledge to back it up!

Our travel agents also have the passion for seeing the world. Take our friend, Carol for example! You need a cruise booked? She’s been on over 20 different cruises, so she’s bound to have some great insight! Janice? She’s been to more places than we can count on both hands [and feet!]. Plus, we know local spots, too! Wine tour in the Okanagan with the girls? We know the best spots! Surfing in Tofino? We know the best times to go! Chances are, one of our travel agents has been where you’re going, and can recommend some of the best local restaurants, sights, and tours to make your trip even better!

5. We have your back!

Flight gets cancelled? Don’t panic, or wait in line to rebook! Call us, and we will get you sorted so you don’t have to worry! That’s a worry-free, stress-free airport adventure for you! We are always on, which means you don’t have to worry about being stranded.

6. We love hearing from you!

Back from your trip? We love to see your photos, and hear all about your amazing vacation! Got some amazing pictures to share on Instagram or Facebook? Tag us in them @oceanbreezeholidays – it makes us so happy to see you experiencing the world! Having that relationship with our clients is why we do what we do.

7. We do weddings!

Always dreamed of getting married on the beach, but not sure how to plan it? We can help. At Ocean Breeze, we love watching your wedding dreams come true – something that we specialise in. Booking groups, blocking off hotels, and making sure that your guests itineraries will fit in with your details are important to us. We also know the many little details that will help your day go off with only ONE hitch… you, your partner, and your vows!

So if anyone tells you that you don’t need a travel agent, maybe remind them of all the things that we can help you with! It’s our passion to set you up with your dream vacation, and watch it all come true!

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